Zi Yang and Ivyin’s // Same Day Edit Experience “Eternally Charmed”

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The best thing about our job is to witness people celebrate their love and be inspired by it.. and this one definitely inspired us a lot. Zi Yang can look like a very quiet and shy person but he is super super funny as you can see from the film. Ivyin is a very lovely woman and very caring to all of us as well as Zi Yang. We could really tell that they love each other so much without any doubt. Also, I think everyone would agree if I say that they are one hot couple.

We love the ceremony where we could feel the spiritual atmosphere just so strongly and how the couple just values their vows and promises so much it affects everyone there whose present.

We love meaningful and personalised weddings with raw emotions. This is definitely one of them.. so thanks so much Zi Yang and Ivyin for having us and we hope that you would cherish these memories for many many years to come, no matter during happy times or tough times!