Yih Keng and Angie’s // Same Day Edit Experience “Dream away with me”

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People always say the most beautiful things during a wedding vow. They speak of things that they don’t normally say to each other and talk about stuff that they don’t usually think of on an ordinary day. But the things that are said there are usually the essence of a marriage, and we can only hope that those words spoken in the beauty of the moment would be honored till death do they part. Their wedding was quite simple, but full of love and personal touch. What we really love from this wedding is how everything is so interconnected. How each scenes really give us the chance to get to know them a little bit more and understand that their love is so big to each other.
Filming Yih Keng and Angie was such a joy to me and the team. I personally loved to see how passionate Yih Keng is to his bride, Angie and found his speech during the solemnization especially touching. The chemistry between them is just magical and when it happens in front of my very eyes, well… that just simply cannot be ignored.
Thank you so much Yih Keng and Angie for having us and just for loving each other so deeply. We love witnessing and capturing all the little glances and kisses. Much love from the Sense Gallery team and Merry Christmas and Happy new year!!!