Yaofeng and Chloe’s // Same Day Edit Experience “My Perfect Lover”

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From the first time we met them, we knew their big day was going to be lots of fun and involve a lot of laughter – Yaofeng and Chloe are very joyful people, you can’t help but smile when they smile! We could see that they enjoy each other’s company like true friends, but the love they have for each other is also very clear.
Surrounded by their loved ones, Yaofeng and Chloe’s wedding day was full of joy, giggles and a brother catwalk dance. We are so honoured to have captured it and can say we enjoyed ourselves a little bit too much!
It was amazing seeing these couples together. They seem to be very comfortable and full of life when they look at each other. Chloe would smile so bright and Yaofeng would look at her ever so gently. This is what weddings are all about. To celebrate the love so strong that will last for eternity.
Yaofeng and Chloe we want to wish you all the very best. Keep on cherishing one another and loving each other. We hope this film will always remind you both what an amazing thing you guys have with each other.