Weddings are celebrations of love between two people, we believe that. That is why it is no wonder that weddings are mostly about the celebrated couple. But actually, in between all the celebration, there is a certain mellow feeling that is most often missed – that of the parents of the bride and groom. Xiaoran and Meng Ting are such a cute couple, they really compliment each other and they truly enjoy each other’s company. Just listening to their voices reading their vow will really warm your heart. You can just feel the radiant genuine love and happiness glowing from inside of them and through their voices and that is what makes it so beautiful. I just love seeing their happy expressions every time they see each other.
Thank you so much Xiaoran and Meng Ting for having us and trusting us to capture your day and we hope that this film will always remind you both (and family) of how loving and beautiful you all are 🙂