Winson and Freida’s // Same Day Edit Experience “A New Life”

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Beautiful. That is what Winson and Freida’s wedding was like.
They are definitely one of the best looking couples we have ever seen. It was amazing seeing these couples together. They seem to be very comfortable and full of life when they look at each other. Our team has seen first hand how much they are in love and how close knit their families are and we can only be too happy to see the both of them embark on a great married life together. Freida would smile so bright and Winson would look at her ever so gently. This is what weddings are all about. To celebrate the love so strong that will last for eternity.
Winson and Freida we want to wish you all the very best. Keep on cherishing one another and loving each other. We hope this film will always remind you both what an amazing thing you guys have with each other.