Wei Xin and Evon’s // Same Day Edit Experience “Focus on Love”

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It’s always a pleasure using our skills to artistically capture the events of the day in the best way possible, being able to quickly problem solve and plan in advance for shots, but it’s not just about that. It’s about getting to know everyone, which in turn will help you capture moments and faces with increased sensitivity and emotional prediction. It’s always great when everything just flows, you’re present in the moment, and in tune with what’s going on around you.
Lots tears shared in this wedding. Its pretty obvious that this couple is very much loved by their family and friends.
What we saw all through out the day is constant celebration and happiness and it was truly a joy to see. Wei Xin and Evon are very nice people. They are full of smiles, full of appreciation and very positive towards everything. We really love how the wedding was designed. It was simple, yet elegant, full of colours but not too much, full of loving family, but still intimate, full of fun, but not rowdy. It was just nice and really represent their personality.
Thank you so much Wei Xin and Evon for choosing us to capture your wedding day, you are both very inspiring not only as individuals but more so as a couple. Thank you for your trust and respect to our work and thank you for being you. We wish you all the happiness for the next million of years.