Wee Seng and Fiona’s // Same Day Edit Experience “Miraculous Love”

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We hang out with a lot of nice people in a weekly basis. They are our brides, grooms, their families, friends and wedding vendors. But once in a while you meet with extraordinary nice people that are put together into one pot, and that pot is Wee Seng and Fiona’s wedding.
Its true what they say that good people attracts good people. In this case nice couple attracts nice make up artist, nice MC, nice hair stylist and nice everyone. We love this couple because of this very reason. This beautiful couple is meant for each other. Just looking at how they look at each other already says it pretty clearly. We love seeing how close everyone is in their circle of friends and family. You can tell just from the way they joke around, have fun and the stories that they tell to each other. They are close and its beautiful.
Thank you so much Wee Seng and Fiona for having us on the day, and for sharing a part of your lives with us. We are all inspired by your relationship and your kindness towards everyone around you, and we want to wish you all the very best for your future growing old together!