Tingping and Siouling’s // Same Day Edit Experience “小幸運 A Little Happiness”

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If there’s one thing that continuously fascinates me at weddings is the relationship between a bride and her sister (if she has any) or a groom and his brothers (if he has any). You can immediately tell whether the relationship they have is good or not. It always seems to be on two sides of the opposing spectrum; It can either be really good or non-existent entirely, although on some rare cases it can be a little bit of both.
I’ve seen a lot of siblings who are on an “oh yeah, that’s my brother” or “oh yes, I’m happy for my sister” basis. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But I’ve also seen sibling relationships where they are not only family but also the best of friends. This is a truly heartwarming relationship to see. During weddings – the ultimate celebration of all kinds of relationships – you can see how a highlight on good sibling connection really sweetens the whole event.
For some reasons still unknown to me, somehow Malaysian weddings have more of these siblings-best friends relationship. Their connection is close-knit and intimate. And I am amazed at how personal and special they make the wedding. Take the gate-crashing event, for example. It’s always so much fun when the sister of the bride is involved and if the brother of the groom is a part of the party who is crashing! I doubt that it would be the same without the siblings, who have known them since birth and who has seen them through more than their future spouse probably had. It’s fun, it’s different and it’s heartwarming. I personally think that it’s a connection that also needs to be celebrated at a wedding.
Tingping and Siouling were close with their siblings – you can tell, right off the bat. That connection made the gate-crashing event crazy and the wedding sweet. Thank you for letting me capture your moments. All the best to the two of you… and your siblings too!