Tat Chung and Li Ting’s // Same Day Edit Experience “いつも – Always”

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Hi, guys! It’s been quite a while, hope you’re all doing well and have been enjoying the wedding season. This time, we want to share with you the opportunity to meet this awesome family. They always give us both the fun times and also the moments that touch us to tears. We have learned so much from them – to enjoy every moment of life; if you’re happy, laugh, if you’re touched, let the tears out.

Their parents, in particular, were so fun to be with. We could see how loving they are to Tat Chung and Li Ting and the day would not be the same without them.

So, without further a do, we’ll let this film tell you all the beautiful things that we experienced that day. To Tat Chung and Li Ting, we can’t be thankful enough for the way you and your bridal party treated us during the day. It’s almost like we were already close friends. May your marriage be a blessing to many people around you.