There is one thing in my opinion that makes a same-day edit video beautiful: emotion. It can be between the bride and the groom, or between the bride and her parents, or the bride and her friends. It’s this display of raw emotion, unguarded and loose, captured on film that always makes a video so heartwarming. Feelings, frozen in time, to be relived over and over again.
Samuel and Bernie shared a moment, one that brought tears to the eyes of everyone who witnessed. On a beautiful morning, they spoke their life long vows to each other, in front of their family and friends. Our hearts were taken away with them when they honored their parents, as they expressed their undying gratitude for the people who raised them. That’s the beauty of the whole video, right there. I hope you enjoy watching it as I had making it.
Thank you so much Samuel and Bernie for having an awesome and personalised wedding that we all love, but most importantly, thank you very loving each other so deeply, and lastly, thank you for having an awesome family!