Pyi Phyo and Thiri’s // Same Day Edit Experience “for life and beyond…”

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Pyi Phyo and Thiri is a couple that is a joy to film. They are just shining with love. How they look at each other, how they joke around with each other, how they just appreciate each other to the fullest. I’m sure their friends and family are also seeing this, hence why everyone just gel together so easily. We are a group of people who love capturing moments that gives us understanding and appreciation to why the two people should be together, why two are better one, why marriages are meant to last forever, why is it considered to be the biggest blessings when you find someone that you can call your soul mate and why we should uphold marriages. I believe we can see these things from Pyi Phyo and Thiri’s wedding day. It was also great to share the day with the photographer Joe Tang from Acapella Photography who were just so awesome to work with and also Mirage Flowers with the awesome floral decoration at the The Fullerton Hotel, Esta Hsu with the make up and hair. Thanks so much guys!
Its great to see how Pyi Phyo and his family appreciates Thiri’s heritage and family culture. We love seeing two families come together, just smiling and looking forward to great future. We’re sure that there will be a lot of fun times to be shared between the two families.
Thank you so much Pyi Phyo and Thiri for having us in your wedding. We had a blast!