Over and over again, we’ve been pushing viewers to believe in happily ever after. But when can a person say that his love for another shall last and that a certain two are meant to grow old together? Life is full temptations and trials and only time could ever tell. So how long can your love last? 2 years, 5 years? 7, 10? Or maybe longer!
Everyday Ms and Mr Loo Peng Lim embraced life changing moments together and with the love and friendship they shared, they now celebrate their 60th diamond anniversary amidst all circumstances life brought them. Watch and hear their story through the wedding video we made just for them. Cheer on to life, love and happily ever after!
Thank you so much Ms and Mr Loo Peng Lim for having us and trusting us to capture your day and we hope that this film will always remind you both (and family) of how loving and happiness you all are 🙂