Max and Claire’s // Same Day Edit Experience “Love Someone”

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Weddings are a celebration of love, family, friendships and the joining of two people for the rest of their lives. Over the past few years I’ve been filming weddings, you really appreciate begin given the privilege of getting to film the highlights and pivotal memories of people’s lives.
Getting to hear amazingly heartfelt speeches, seeing relationships grow stronger and being there when families come together for that one day, makes it worthwhile every single time. Max and Claire’s wedding had moments like these throughout, and I thank you guys so much for trusting us with our craft and vision to express how we experienced the day. The morning was full of laughs, as I got to know her family, as well as a few tears. But happy ones. Every moment they were near each other throughout the day, Max was always smiling at her, stealing kisses and was so full of energy! I love it when we work with a couple that really trust us for who we are and what we can do for them. They are really genuine and caring towards us and that really made us feel so welcomed.
Finally, there’s a lot of things we like about Max and Claire.. we like their fun personality, their attitude and their generosity. But most of all, we love how they see us more than just a vendor on their wedding. So thank you Max and Claire for your beautiful hearts. We hope that our artwork would be enough to make you smile when you watch it 30 years from now and be reminded of the day where you made the most important promise of your life.