Marcus and Kellyn’s // Same Day Edit Experience “The Reason”

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We love couples like this. The ones that can warm everyone’s heart with their smiles and friendly gestures. The whole day didn’t feel like work at all. It felt like we were filming a friend’s wedding. Someone that we care about. Someone that we would give our very best. And thats exactly what we did. A day like the weekend was full of emotion, lots of bromance and love from everyone in the family. Like so much, it was crazy. I always push super hard to be more than a videographer, but more just a really good friend who is also pretty good at filming. This helped all throughout the day, trying to have everything people needed before they asked.
Marcus and Kellyn thank you for being who you are, two very nice people that are madly in love… We had a great fun and we want to wish you both all the very best for your marriage life together. We hope that this little glimpse of your wedding day would always remind you of what a great start you guys both shared… and now.. go.. live your life to the fullest.. until you are grey, old and wrinkled 🙂