Luck and Carine’s // Same Day Edit Experience “You are the Reason”

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Nothing is like taking the first step into the threshold of marriage. A wedding day is actually merely a beginning of a lengthy journey that two people will take upon. But the best parts of it is, in my personal opinion, are the honesty that the couples exchange in their vows and all the tears of joy that surround them. To me, there’s nothing like seeing happy couple on their wedding day. It’s the part of my job that I truly cherish.
Weddings. It’s a beautiful event, isn’t it? Well, one thing is for sure, the journey leading up to the decision two people makes to spend the rest of their lives together is already beautiful on its own. Now throw in the preparation for the other elements of the celebration: hunting for the perfect venue, hunting for the perfect dress, hunting for the best wedding services provider, hunting for the most compatible photographers and cinematographers… the list can go on and on. Not to mention the strong bond that is teamwork that is formed during the time of preparation. Friends and families who get together to make one day the most wonderful day for the couple who are celebrating their union. It’s an unusual bond like no other that never happens on ordinary days. A wedding is truly special. And to be invited to be a part of one on a regular basis is an honor and a privilege I never take for granted.
Never once in my job I’m tired of doing what I do. Giving only the best recorded memories for the couple that deserve this reminiscence in the future of their life. What I think I love the most is when I gather the motion pictures and find story within every couple that I happened to take part in their most joyful day. Luck and Carine are one of the couples that will forever be embedded in my memories. I wish them only the most wonderful time in their marriage life.