Li Peng and Danni’s // Same Day Edit Experience “Beautiful Love”

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Always love being invited to capture a wedding in Chijmes. Both our photography and film team had a blast at Li Peng and Danni’s amazing wedding celebration. It was such a beautiful day filled with love and sunshine! We are so grateful to the couple that they shared their good times with us, with their awesome family and friends, and most of all, that we were able to witness the strong bond that was made that day. Danni’s smile was also one of the sweeter things of the day. During the exchange of vows, we could also see Li Peng was having the happiest moment in his life. That “micro” expression was priceless and I believe Danni will treasure it for life.

Thank you so much to the couple and their friends and family. We fely very welcomed and appreciated. We hope this film will remind everyone of that day even after 10-50 years time. Much love!