Leslie and Melody’s // Same Day Edit Experience “Unforgottable”

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We meet different kinds of couples everyday. There are some so sweet they’ll give you a toothache, some serious but still warm towards each other in a way, some caring, some protective, some quiet… Let’s just say, we meet a lot of different types of couples. We don’t have a preference of which couple we like to shoot for most (well, I don’t anyway…) but sometimes we get some real crazy couples that makes us feel real lucky to be shooting for them. Like these guys, Leslie and Melody. They are crazy funny. If they said laughter is the best medicine, to be around these guys, you’re guaranteed to never be sick a day in your life. Throughout their session, they’re just joking around, laughing with each other, laughing at each other. It was laughter all the way, and I, for one, felt real lucky to be there. They made it a little hard for me to have a steady grip on my camera, especially when my stomach is all cramped, but man, did I have a lot of fun!
I love how crazy Leslie and Melody are together. I love how crazy they are for each other. I love how crazy fearless they are to try new things. I’m real lucky to have met these two, that’s all I can say.
It has been a good time to capture lots awesome memories on your wedding day. Thank you for having us, guys.