Kwoh and Ying’s // Same Day Edit Experience “Beautiful Creation”

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I didn’t get to meet Kwoh during our get to know each other before the wedding meeting as he had to work so we only met Ying instead. So for the whole time I was wondering what Kwoh might be like, what his personality is like and whether or not he would cry. Kwoh the cool and good looking guy who knows exactly what he wants, but still always checks with Ying to know what she would want and ultimately say yes to her because he trusts her and want her to be happy. Well.. Ying said its because he knows that her taste is better.
I’m glad to what I discover that day. I can see why Ying loves him. I can see how both of them fit each other really nicely and how they complete each other. Thanks so much guys for being so in love with each other and for having such a cool crowd of friends and family! We enjoyed capturing and being around everyone that day. We can really feel the friendly and loving atmosphere so well done on the guest list 😛
Thanks so much once again and may you guys love each other more and more every time you watch this film over.. and over again.

PS: Special thanks to the awesome vendors on the day! We had such a talented and friendly line up and all of you helped making our job easier, you know who you are!