Joel and Grace’s // Same Day Edit Experience “Inspired by you”

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Joel and Grace is one of those couples that can inspire other couples around them with their persona, energy and love. We got to hang out with them the whole day and really appreciate the love and care they give to us and other vendors.
Its great to see excited bride and groom but it is also uplifting to see excited bridal party! The groomsmen and bridesmaids really know how to have fun and really made the wedding day even more special for the bride and groom. Looking at the same day edit, we can see so many fun times, laughters, sweet memories, happy tears and just moments of anticipations as each of them look to each other especially during their wedding vows. It was great hearing them say their personal promises to each other after knowing how long they had been waiting for that moment where they can finally seal their love in marriage.
Thank you so much Joel and Grace for having us on your beautiful wedding day. We appreciate your warm gestures and your appreciation towards our work. We don’t take these things for granted. We hope that this film will really remind you what a great start you had on your marriage life.