Jin and Charis’s // Same Day Edit Experience “Hold My Hand”

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What a ….. day we had today. To fill in the blanks we can put all sorts of words such as “rainy”, “emotional”, “fun”, but what I would add in is probably “memorable”. This couple is definitely one to remember as they place such high regard to their relationship and how it has brought them to where they are today.
This couple is like a match made in Heaven and its so beautiful to see their love radiates everywhere around them. I’m glad to what I discover that day. I can see why Charis loves him. I can see how both of them fit each other really nicely and how they complete each other. Thanks so much guys for being so in love with each other and for having such a cool crowd of friends and family! We enjoyed capturing and being around everyone that day. Its great to see excited bride and groom but it is also uplifting to see excited bridal party! The groomsmen and bridesmaids really know how to have fun and really made the wedding day even more special for the bride and groom.
Thanks so much Jin and Charis for having our film team. We really like you guys and we pushed hard today to give the best we can. We hope you guys will enjoy our little creation, videos, emotions and stories all mixed up together to show who you are as a couple. I believe we got it pretty bang on. Thanks again and may you guys grow old together with many more stories to unfold.