Date : 12th July 2013
Location : George & Dragon (Johor Premium Outlets)
Category : Cinematic Marriage Proposal

Jet and Jennifer. An ordinary couple in the eyes of many, but none could imagine their 15 years of love story beyond words.
Jet has put in months of effort for this proposal: from the lovely TED, choosing a venue, hiring a registrar, layout arrangement, to the entire layout of the story. We were so touched the moment Jet walked out, putting on that bear. In fact, many were moved to tears. Jennifer was smiling. Her smile has just told us her decision. All of us could felt Jet’s sincerity.
This was indeed a remarkable experience. My heartfelt gratitude to the Joyce from Dreams Studio, for her cooperation and assistance.
All in all, it was a beautiful day, with lots of great moments. Congrats Jet and Jennifer. We wish you all the very best in your future together. Lots of travelling.. lots of love 🙂

Jet和Jennifer 是一对看起来很普通的情侣,但在很多人的眼里都想不到,他们有着一段15年的故事,和他们那不用说出口的爱,一直都在彼此的心里占了很大一个位置。 Jet在这次的求婚里花了很多心思,从那可爱的TED(之后Jennifer把它取了个名字叫Memory),ROM的地点,注册官,布置,甚至是整个故 事的布局都花了好几个月的时间。当他穿上那熊装出场时,我们全场人都感动得快掉泪,其实一切真的出自于真诚与用心,jennifer的笑容就可以让我们知 道她的答案,一切都在一群朋友的祝福下完美的留下一个彼此的回忆。 这次是一次很好的经验,因为有合作的Dreams Studio的Joyce摄影师帮忙,很感激。