Jayanta and Jasmin’s // Same Day Edit Experience “One Perfect Day”

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Double J.. yep.. Jayanta and Jasmin or Jay & Jas. Such a lovely couple name. Jasmin is such a lovely personality with full of smile and laughter. Jayanta is the more quieter type but his eyes lid up every time he sees his lovely wife. Together they make the perfect couple, full of love and joy. Jayanta and Jasmin is one of those couples that can inspire other couples around them with their persona, energy and love. We got to hang out with them the whole day and really appreciate the love and care they give to us and other vendors. Their bridal party is also just amazing to be around with. After witnessing their wedding day, we really believe that the journey is well worth the wait.
And one of the funny thing at their wedding and that is the ugliest door game we have ever seen… the bridesmaids really did mean business when it comes to trialling the boys for their worthiness… It was definitely a scene to remember and one with a lot of laughters and funny remarks.
After the door games, they had their beautiful wedding ceremony at W Singapore – Sentosa Cove. It was great hearing them say their personal promises to each other after knowing how long they had been waiting for that moment where they can finally seal their love in marriage. It was also great to share the day with the photographer Joe and Marcus from Acapella Photography who were just so awesome to work with.
Thank you so much guys for having us to capture your wedding day, we hope that what we captured would bring more smiles to you and your growing family in the future, more and more each time you go back and look at them.