Hsien Wei and Xiu Ling’s // Same Day Edit Experience “Love the best”

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Energetic, fun and family are just a few words that come to mind when I think about Hsien Wei and Xiu Ling’s wedding on Saturday.
As a couple, they are quite cute, funny and have developed a relationship based on love that is genuine and sentimental.
Hsien Wei is such a character, he always jokes around, very easy going and just an all round nice guy. Xiu Ling is not that much different really, she is loud, always smiling and having a good time. The day was sunny as ever, the mood was very intimate with family and friends all gathered to witness the great covenant that this two lovely people are making. We love the both families of Hsien Wei and Xiu Ling, we can definitely feel the warmth and love that they all share all through out the day especially during the tea ceremony. Hsien Wei and Xiu Ling are a perfect match; they compliment each other, and I’m looking forward to seeing them grow together in this next chapter of their lives. I have described before both of them including the bridal party are a great bunch of people. Our team enjoyed the whole wedding day from start to end, we left the after party with smile on our faces. :simple_smile:
Hsien Wei and Xiu Ling, thank you for entrusting our team to capture your very special day. Your love for each other and your family is a testament to your character.