It was great filming our photographer, my best brother Gwo Wei and Michelle’s wedding last Saturday. There were a lot of things that add to the excitement. Gwo Wei and Michelle celebrated their love in the beautiful solemnization at the Haji Lane, front of the Apic Moments studio. It was our first time to shoot in that place and we also met a few of our best photographer and videographer friends there which was always nice!
We love how this same day edit has pretty much everything from romance, fun, elegance and beauty. Their wedding was quite simple, but full of love and personal touch. What we really love from this wedding is how everything is so interconnected. How each scenes really give us the chance to get to know them a little bit more and understand that their love is so big to each other. We as film-makers are not magicians. We cannot create moments, all we can do is capture them and boy do we love seeing those little expressions such as Michelle’s subtle smile during Gwo Wei’s vow.. These are the moments that we fight for when we’re out there shooting weddings and we are glad to see them here and there in this edit. They are also so much deeply in love with each other and they know how to cherish that feeling and not take it for granted. We worked together with the awesome Kai from K’AI Picture photography and there are so many beautiful things that happened on their wedding day. So many that it made it a bit hard for us to choose which one to go in the trailer 😛 but all for good reasons.
We hope you guys will cherish the memories that we have captured and told for you guys for many many years to come 🙂 So hold on to your seat, enjoy this trailer and congratulation to Gwo Wei and Michelle for their beautiful wedding.