Fabien and Helen’s // Cinematic Trailer “Elegantly Beautiful”

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Someone says, don’t marry a rich man, marry a man who makes your LIFE rich and happy.

Fabien and Helen met each other two years ago, after randomly crossing their paths online.
In the beginning , it has its ups and downs. Relationship is never about finding “the one”, but rather going through challenging times together and moulding their relationship to be “the one” for each other.

They decided to hold their dream wedding at this breathtaking place on top of the cliff of Bali Uluwatu, The Edge Bali . It couldn’t be more perfect; the gorgeous view, the stirring emotions, the defining vows to each other with their binding promises. It is our honour to be here to capture the wedding big day of Fabien & Helen.

Weddings are always a high point in a relationship. For the happy couple, it can and should be the happiest day of their lives. A wedding encapsulates and represents the celebration of everything love is; a momentous occasion where two people decide that they wish to spend the rest of their lives together. It also marks the beginning of their life journey to be spent as husband and wife, to have and to hold, till the end of time. Marriage is the uniting of two souls, we wish them many years of happiness and love to come!