Eric and Xann’s – “Sweet like sugar”

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Congratulations to the newlyweds Eric and Xann!! We had a great time shooting their wedding last weekend. You both are so made for each other. When we got to know Eric and Xann, we can’t help but notice that their friends love them. And after spending a bit of time with the two, we understand why. There is nothing not to like about the humble Eric and the soft spoken and very detailed oriented Hanna. Both are super friendly and cool, which makes our day much better. A wedding is not only the day when two individuals become one, but two families sharing a new joy, a new beginning. It’s a celebration of more than just the couple. The whole big family puts everything else aside and celebrate this special moment. Friends from near and far came with tons of congratulations. Looking at their wedding, it’s as if the whole universe came together cheering for a lifetime of happiness.
Thanks so much guys to you and your crowd, we felt very welcomed and humbled with your kindness… We hope you guys will cherish the memories that we have captured and told for you guys for many many years to come 🙂