One thing friends will remember is the rain poured all day. But for me, I saw more than the rain. I saw how encouraging and thoughtful Edwin and Aileen’s friends are. Their constant cheering and encouragement made the rain less noticeable. What I saw was how sweet Edwin and Aileen. It’s a love story. A bonding of two people. No amount of rain or problems can stop them from being together.
Edwin, is geeky genius with a calm and gentle personality. And he’s totally in love with Aileen. But who doesn’t fall in love with Aileen, smart, witty and graceful. The best part about Edwin, is that he’s willing to leave his hometown Jakarta and live in Singapore just to be with his wife. What’s really great about the day was that everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, especially the bride and the groom. There were lots of laughters, lots of awesome moments. All we have to do is make sure that we capture all those moments so they can relive the moments now and then, for the rest of their fun journey together.
What a day full of ups and downs, but no matter what it’s always a joy for me to witness two lovebirds saying “I do”. Congratulations Edwin and Aileen, may you always be in love, rain or shine.