Donald and Jamie’s // Same Day Edit Experience “Today is your day”

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I believe in what we do in Sense Gallery, so much that I am so passionate whenever I talk about it. I believe that we are bringing something that trully matters, not only to the wedding industry, but more so to the world around us. Yes we may (only) be wedding videographers and photographers. We don’t create iphones or electric cars or shoot balls like stephen curry. But for once in every of our client’s lifetime, we matter, we rock. And even more so when we do same day edits :p
Donald and Jamie is a couple that is a joy to film. They are just shining with love. How they look at each other, how they joke around with each other, how they just appreciate each other to the fullest. I’m sure their friends and family are also seeing this, hence why everyone just gel together so easily. Their wedding a fun day with their family and friends. During their speeches we felt even more connected which was beautiful.
The stories shared by their bridal party was quite entertaining and you could see that the relationships they have with their friends were quite purposeful.
Donald and Jamie, I am so glad that you trusted us to capture your wedding day. You’re one of the loveliest couples that we have had the joy of meeting, and we look forward to seeing your marriage prosper.