Desmond and Jaslyn’s // Same Day Edit Experience “Bottle up that love”

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Another super nice couple…. yes… thank God for nice couples…. Desmond is a super funny guy while Jaslyn is very sweet girl. We had such a fun and full of laughter meeting with them when we first met them and we clicked straight away. Definitely lotsa fun during Desmond and Jaslyn’s wedding! Its great to work with Kelvin Eng photography on the day. Desmond and Jaslyn gave us a very pleasant experience working on their wedding day. They took care of us and treated us as their friends, not just another vendors. Its great to be able to communicate ideas and expressions freely so thanks so much for that guys.
We love meaningful and personalised weddings with raw emotions. This is definitely one of them.. so thanks so much Desmond and Jaslyn for having us and we hope that you would cherish these memories for many many years to come, no matter during happy times or tough times!