Delwin and Clayrene’s // Same Day Edit Experience “Best wedding ever!”

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What makes a great wedding? I’d say that it’s a concerted effort of many – decorators, planners, entertainers, make-up artists, and of course, the bride and groom themselves. It’s never just about one single thing. It’s a team effort. And that’s about putting aside our egos to give way for what’s important. But of course, the definition of what is important differs with every couple who is going to get married.
Delwin and Clayrene are such a cute couple, they really compliment each other and they truly enjoy each other’s company. The day went by with a lot of laughter and joy, especially during the door game, we enjoyed editing that part, there were so much fun things to put in but alas we could not put everything in. We love it when we work with a couple that really trust us for who we are and what we can do for them. They are really genuine and caring towards us and that really made us feel so welcomed. its also great to meet our past couples/friends and their bridal party. Brought a lot of memories for sure.
Finally, there’s a lot of things we like about Delwin and Clayrene.. we like their fun personality, their attitude and their generosity. But most of all, we love how they see us more than just a vendor on their wedding. So thank you Delwin and Clayrene for your beautiful hearts. We hope that our artwork would be enough to make you smile when you watch it 30 years from now and be reminded of the day where you made the most important promise of your life.