Darren and Vanessa’s // Same Day Edit Experience “Shared With You”

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Its always a treat to hear beautiful words spoken at a wedding and this time we definitely hear them from our newest groom Darren. He definitely had his charm through his words and I think thats how he landed himself a gorgeous bride that clearly loves him so dearly. The wedding day was so beautiful, it’s really a joyful moment to see two families from totally different backgrounds coming together. From the outside, they look really sweet together but I believe they are a strong couple. I also believe that their marriage will grow and flourish though good and hard times. We sang, we laughed, we cried, we celebrated these two individuals committed to each other, for a lifetime.
Darren and Vanessa, we are so happy to see you together. Thank you for inviting us to capture your wedding day. We hope that this film would be a good reminder for your marriage, for your children, for your grandchildren and also for those who are connected to you. Let it be the evidence of God’s works.