Danny and Teresa’s // Same Day Edit Experience “The Reason is You”

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Danny loves Teresa so much. So much so that he secretly asked us to produce this same day edit with the song of “Beautiful in White” as a surprise for her on their wedding reception night. So we did 🙂 I don’t want to boast about this couple. I’d like to thank them for their thoughtfulness and hospitality. I want to thank them for the fun and laughter we shared on the day.
Danny and Teresa’s wedding day was so beautiful and we couldn’t stop grinning to see their friends and family also having a good time with them. Their parents, in particular, were so fun to be with. We could see how loving they are to Danny and Teresa and the day would not be the same without them.
Thank you for having us and we hope that this piece can be a good story to show your kids in the future. I’m glad that we got to capture the lovely moments that these people shared together with their friends and family. May this video be a testament of how much you love each other and may you grow stronger and stronger in your marriage life. We can see so many people supporting and praying for you so don’t worry, they’ve got your back 🙂