Daniel and Mabel’s // Same Day Edit Experience “Beyond Destiny”

Posted by  matt   in       Saturday, 26 November, 2016     1034 Views     Comments Off on Daniel and Mabel’s // Same Day Edit Experience “Beyond Destiny”  

When you have the opportunity to connect with a couple it really makes the day feel like your hanging out with besties. Of course there are things that we need to capture and make sure that we don’t miss but it’s really something special when the couple just enjoy their day, allow us to do what we love and allow them just to soak up everything. Daniel and Mabel love each other so much that their love shines through all through out the day.
It was great to see them surrounded by so many loving family and friends. We can see endless amount of love, smiles and hug & kisses accompanied by the sound of the drums and people dancing. Its a great way to celebrate the love that these two lovebirds share with their loved ones. Thank you so much Daniel and Mabel for having us and also for your kind family who welcome us with open arms. We hope you guys love what we captured and shared and may this be a reminder of what a great start you guys have in your new beginning as a family.