Daniel and Alice’s // Same Day Edit Experience “Moving Forward”

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“God always works in mysterious ways”, that’s what I said to myself at the end of the night on Daniel and Alice’s wedding. Timing is everything in life. Its all about being in the right place at the right time and with the right person. Daniel and Alice are definitely in the best of times with each other.
Many times they would check on us to make sure we are OK, many times they would hang out with us and just appreciate us being there. Many times they would say thank you. We never take these things for granted so thank you so much Daniel and Alice for being who you are. We believe marriages are meant for men and women to partner up and build each other for the better. I think Daniel and Alice will have no problem building each other up because they are just so natural together and they simply cherish one another in words hard to describe. We love seeing the union of the east and the west during the wedding day. Where everyone just accepts one another differences and similarities as they are. Where everyone found a common ground and that is their love for the couple and to support them.
This time we get the privilege to work with Bryan and Jean from Antelope Studios. These guys are one of the best in what they do and they have managed to put on a good show with their skills and humbleness.
Alice, we are rest assured that Daniel will take care of you, and will carry you throughout your life. And above all, God himself will carry your marriage and bless it abundantly. Thank you for reminding me that there are so many good things in our life, thank you for showing what a good family is, and thank you for having us to be a part of your amazing day!