Chun Kiat and Lynn’s // Same Day Edit Experience “Beginning and Forever”

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Timing is everything in life. Its all about being in the right place at the right time and with the right person. Chun Kiat and Lynn are definitely in the best of times with each other. Its always a treat to hear beautiful words spoken at a wedding and this time we definitely hear them from our newest groom Chun Kiat. He definitely had his charm through his words and I think thats how he landed himself a gorgeous bride that clearly loves him so dearly. Lynn looked so amazing on her wedding dress, we can see just how happy Chun Kiat seeing her beautiful life partner on the day. Its great to see how much everyone enjoy the day and celebrate with the happy couple.
Chun Kiat and Lynn, thank you for having us on your wedding day. We believe that you will also treasure this memory in your heart until millions of years later. To your future children, I just want to say: “So, kids, this is how your dad married your mother” 😉