“That sweetest moment when your partner knows it’s you just by the touch of your hand..that is love”
Happiness is usually found in the arms of the people you love. And once in a while that love is returned with love as well. Loved and be loved, is probably the greatest thing one can have.
Saying I love you has never been this easy, of course if it’s real and true.
If you don’t believe in happily ever after, watch this video and I promise that your heart will truly melt for these two. Witness one of the most romantic proposals also featured in this video. Epic shots, epic place, epic couple and of course epic love!
Thanks so much Chris and Christine, you guys were awesome and we had a great time hanging out with you.
Hope everyone will enjoy this film and the pure honesty that come with it. Chris was very determined to keep everything as original as possible to their story, which we like! Good on you Chris!