Another AWESOME couple….. we love Chii Harng and Sabrina simply because they are awesome and so much fun to be around with. Their love for each other is so genuine that you can just sense it by just being around them. When we first met them we knew that we just had to film their wedding and its great to have them book us for the whole experience! So here is the first bit of the experience, the prewedding film.
Back to the prewedding film, as usual, the purpose of us producing prewedding films is to tell a story about the couple. We had so much fun filming snippets of the things that they like to do.
They were quiet nervous for the interview session but it turned out really natural. Love how Sabrina just started to be enchanted with her happiness smile when we ask questions about what she loves the most about Chii Harng. She’s just such a pure and honest person and so is Chii Harng. Thanks so much guys for having us to tell your story. We love you guys very much in case you haven’t noticed. We look forward to work on your wedding stories and I’m sure it’ll be an awesome one as well. Cheers!