Bryan and Karen’s // Same Day Edit Experience “Colors of My Life”

Posted by  matt   in       Saturday, 23 December, 2017     1400 Views     Comments Off on Bryan and Karen’s // Same Day Edit Experience “Colors of My Life”  

WOW…….. I love this SDE.. why? well.. apart from how Bryan and Karen were just really nice to us.. and i mean really really nice… This couple is super duper lovely and sweet. We got along really well since day 1 meeting with them and things just got better from then on. Bryan is such a character. You can see how he loves Karen so much and the same goes with Karen to Bryan. Karen has the sweetest smile around. I really love the bridal beauty shots of Karen in the beginning with her smiling and laughing as well as just most of the parts where she’s smiling full of happiness. These two are just so sweet together and I’m sure everyone in the photo and film team agree when I say that we are so glad to be there capturing their moments last Sunday..

Finally, Thanks so much Bryan and Karen. We had so much fun shooting your wedding and we hope you would enjoy this trailer as much as we do…. especially me.. I really enjoyed this hahaha…