Ben and Chrystal’s // Same Day Edit Experience “The story of Us”

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Ben and Chrystal is so SWEET. Just listening to their voices reading their wedding vows will really warm your heart. You can just feel the radiant genuine love and happiness glowing from inside of them and through their voices and that is what makes it so beautiful. Chrystal was a very easy going bride. Ben was a very nervous groom and the very hot day didn’t help him much at all! hahaha…
We really enjoyed filming Ben and Chrystal’s wedding. They are just friendly people that are down to earth and full of life. You become who you hang around with and hence the bridal party are also very friendly people that made the day that much more enjoyable.
The couple and everyone else welcomed us really nicely and we really wanted to give them our best with the same day edit. It was quite a tough one to do because the schedule was a bit full-on and there were a lot of things happening that we wanted to capture but in the end we pulled through and very happy with the same day edit that we believe really represents their day.
Thanks again everyone especially Ben and Chrystal for appreciating our work so much and we hope that the film will remind you of what a great day it was! 🙂