Austin and Grace’s // Same Day Edit Experience “Through Different Eyes”

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Every couple is different and we meet a lot of couples in our line of work. Every now and then we meet with couples like Austin and Grace. They actually reminds me of the joy and pleasure that I get when I work with people that appreciates me as a person… not only one of their wedding vendors. This changes everything. This makes our weekends worthwhile. This makes us keep going despite of late night meetings, long hours of editing and endless search of songs to use on the next edit.
It was such a beautiful day filled with love and sunshine! We are so grateful that we are doing a job where we could make people laugh and cry, and most importantly, we make good memories for them to relive in years to come.
Austin and Grace, we can’t be thankful enough for the way you and your bridal party treated us during the day. It’s almost like we were already close friends. We hope that you will enjoy your life together, as long as you both shall live.