An’dy is a Malaysian, An’dy has developed his passion in aviation ever since his childhood. His dad has givin him full support to pursue his dream. However, as An’dy was always busy with work and he did not fulfill this dream until his dad passes on. That was his regret. On the other hand, Ryoko is from the city of Sakura, Japan. She is a smart and soft-spoken lady. Difference in languages, origins, cultural background and many other bits and pieces has created their love story over the years in a unique way and made them what they are today. Their love and determination has touched their family and people around them. Finally, their love is completed by the blessings from both their families and friends. With the support of family, An’dy has prepared a sweet marriage proposal for Ryoko. Their happiness has filled the whole garden café. While Ryoko was touched by the settings, An’dy stood right behind her with flowers and rings. A sentimental confession has moved Ryoko to tears. Ryoko has responded to the proposal by hugging him tightly.
We hope this happiness could pass on to each and every one of you who watch this short video clip, and of course, to An’dy’s beloved daddy in the heaven.” Thanks so much An’dy and Ryoko and they friends that were involved in the production, we had a great time hanging out with you all.
Hope everyone will enjoy this film and the pure honesty that come with it. An’dy was very determined to keep everything as original as possible to their story, which we like! Good on you An’dy!