Andrew + Venus = Vianne // Save The Date Experience “Beautiful Journey”

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To become a parent is a dream every husband and wife have. Most of couples believe that it’s the next step in their relationship and they cannot wait until the day they get to hold a baby in their arms. A fruit of their love. They can’t wait for the little souls to tickle their hearts, the smile that makes them smile from ear to ear, the cheeky giggles that make their hearts beat faster, the presence that makes their hearts swell and happy tears to roll down their faces. Babies makes couples fall down on their knees with gratefulness and awe at how amazing our God is.
Babies are God’s greatest blessings. And like God’s other great blessings in our lives, they are meant to be well-taken care of. To have a baby is life-changing for a husband and a wife. It’s one of the greatest responsibility they will ever obtain. They are meant to be received with open arms, protected with our lives and grown in a home filled with love. While having children can strengthen a marriage, they are not problem-solvers. They cannot cure your loneliness or a couple’s chronic unhappiness. They can’t fix a love that is wrong from the start. And they sure cannot be responsible for anything that goes wrong in a marriage.
Children are the greatest gifts from God. They are placed in your life and under your care for a reason, no other than God’s trust in you. Every child you have is meant to be yours. I hope that you know just how precious this is.

With love,
Andrew and Venus